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We have built security at the core, That’s why we use 100% cold wallet storage. Meaning all funds are kept offline.

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Our interface is designed to blend with your phone, tablet or computer

Why Investors prefer
Bitsense Token?

Daily Passive Income

Holders of Bitsense tokens are entitled to 25% share of our trading fees earned daily.

Additional Utility

Holders Get up to 50% discount on trading and withdrawal charges

More Bonus

Holders also get 50% profit share of Ads Network Paid quarterly.

A System of Shared

Four Ways to Earn with Bitbegin.

Registration Bonus

Sign Up with Us and earn Bitsense token (BINS) directly deposited into your wallet balance.

Team Volunme Bonus

The heart of your lifetime residual income. Receive 10% bonus of trading fees from the total volume generated in your group, starting from 5th level to nine levels deep. (Paid weekly)

Team Referral bonus

Earn up to 71% fee generated by your direct and indirect referrals trading on our platform down to 10 level deep.

Global Pool Bonus

The ultimate reward. You are encouraged to reach beyond your dreams and qualify in sharing 3% of Total Trading fees generated on our platform (Paid Monthly). Requirement: 5 BTC Daily volume of your direct and indirect referrals.