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One-Stop Cryptocurrency Hub

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Bitsense stands for One-Stop Cryptocurrency Hub and represents a platform, which encompasses all features of an economical digital ecosystem based on cryptocurrency. We aim to advance the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in emerging markets through education and investing.

Bitsense Platforms
Bitbegin Exchange

Bitbegin exchange is designed to cater to the needs of the average person. Its vision is to bring the benefits of crypto to the global audience using a simple, intuitive and reliable application. Our underlying technologies supports infinite cryptocurrency trading pairs. In the early phase, Bitbegin provides BTC, ETH, BINs, USDT and FIAT markets. We also aim to release a unique feature which can help cryptocurrency enthusiasts to own a cryptocurrency exchange in various emerging markets. To provide users easy access to purchasing cryptocurrency, Bitbegin would allow users to load fiat money into their exchange Wallet, which can then be used to buy any cryptocurrency of their choice.


Bitsense Ads Network

Our Ads Network is designed to make advertising productive and straightforward. It gives access to publishers to monetize there website and advertisers to promote their products on crypto and non-crypto-related website while paying with Bitsense coin at a discounted rate.

  1. Geographic Targeting
  2. Platform Targeting
  3. Crypto & Fiat Payment
  4. Personal Manager
  5. 100% Website Monetization


Bitzamp Community

We introduce people to the world of cryptocurrency trading and provide educational content to help them learn how to become profitable traders/investors. We're also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey.

  1. News Portal
  2. eLearning platform
  3. Token Marketplace
  4. Event Portal

WE CARE about our people and our technology.

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Trading Fee Minting.

At the end of the BFS model, all participants holding bitsense will be able to mint trading fees and other fees through the STM model.

Block Reward

All holders of bitsense can either mint BIB coin either as an investor or as a trader. The Block reward ensures that all bins holders are rewarded

Ads Network Bonus

Holders also get 50% profit share of Ads Network Paid quarterly.

Ads Bonus

When paying with Bitsense on our ads network. You get a certain percentage bonus.

about BINS token
Token Type
ERC20 (Ethereum)
Total Supply
Currencies Accepted
Soft Cap
500 ETH
Hard Cap
7000 ETH

At Bitsense, we believe that tokens are most useful when they are as widely distributed.
In Bitsense case, 20% has already been set aside from the total issuance, ready to be distributed via rewards and incentives.
Every registered trader on bitbegin exchange will receive a share of this 20% of Bitsense token.

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60% ICO = 6M BINS
3% Legal Team = 300K BINS
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20% Reward & Incentive = 2M BINS
2% Advisors = 200k BINS
1st quarter 2017
  • Launching Of News Platform
2nd quarter 2017
  • Proposing the idea of Kemcredit Ecosystem and the preparation for the launch of an online educational platform.
  • Developing of our first smart contract
  • Legal process for incorporation in Malta
  • Community building , social media bounty program and promotion.
1st Quarter 2018
  • little presale: 22eth raised
  • Rebranding from Kemcredit to Bitsense
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Launching of cryptocurrency event platform
  • launch of cryptocurrency e-learning resource platform
2nd Quarter 2018
  • Launch of crypto advertisement network
  • launch of Android news app
  • Expansion of team and adding of advisory board member
  • Obtaining License for crypto payments and exchange
3rd Quarter
  • launch of IOS news app.
  • First bonus payout to our holders on our advert proceeds
  • Launch of bitsense advance cryptocurrency trading platform (exchange)
  • ICO
2019 1st Quarter.
  • Project Add Ons / Global Promotion
  • Exterblishment of Bitbegin Crypto training hub across major cities
  • Android & IOS App
  • Bitbegin chain. (DEX)
  • Bitbegin SME launch Pad
IKA Levon Daniels
Ripple Engineer

I'm a data engineer at ripple labs, San Francisco- California. I like to explore new things on internet. It also includes digital currencies etc. My second job as a investor gives me chill all the time. This is because I never know what going to happen tommorow. I dream everyday for good day and see it my self everyday fulfilled.

Chidi Cornelius Okpara Esq
Legal Adviser

Is a lawyer and a solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria. The principal of Collins chamber. A member of Nigeria Bar Association. With more than twelve years practice experience.

Chukwueloka Okafor-Ezisi
Founder and CEO at Golira

Mr. Ezisi, is the founder and CEO of the largest E-commerce shopping mall in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He has a kin interest in crypto-currency & blockchain technology & currently working on one the largest blockchain powered e-Commerce in the World.

Financial Advisor

JOHN CHUKWUEMEKA MARCUS ESQ is the Principal Partner/ CEO of Jomass Accounting Firm/Business Consultants. He is a Member of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) , Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria (CITN) , The Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Of Nigeria (CPA) , The Institute Of Management Consultants (IMC).

Ugoji Harry
Co-Founder /CEO, Bitbegin Exchange

An Entrepreneur/Blockchain Advocate.CEO/Founder Of Storaji LTD, A Social E-commerce Platform which connects sellers and Buyers. He has co-authored five Cryptocurrency trading ebooks. He co-founded Bitzamp platforms, bitcaz event platform, bitbegin exchange and bitsense ads network.

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Carlo Buonpane
Co-Founder /COO, Bitbegin Exchange

Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Carlo is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. He has gained various experiences in different digital startups which concerned real estate investments and personal and financial growth. Since he met the blockchain he has been thunderstruck by his potential. Participates as an investor in about 20 blockchain projects each year. Is an ADVISOR expert in Strategy and Fundraising in ICO con 3+ year experience, successfully follows over 35 projects based on blockchain technology

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Anyanwu Paul
Co-Founder /CEO, Bitzamp

Paul is an Entrepreneur and former CEO/Founder of kemfe global services LTD, A service networking Busines which connect reliable service professional with customers. As a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Advocate, he has co-authored several cryptocurrency trading ebooks and taught many people how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency online. He co-founded Bitzamp Platforms, Bitsense ads network, bitcaz event platform and bitbegin exchange

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Prince Michael
Chief Technical Officer

A software/blockchain engineer. CEO/Founder Of bulkgator , One of the largest and fastest growing SMS Service provider in Nigeria. Ten years development experience, familiar with Java language, PHP. Skilled in Html, CSS, Javascript, VueJs.He is the CTO of Bitbegin exchange, Slipmart e-commerce platform, Dukeden e-commerce platform, Kemfe service networking platform and Bitsense Ads network. He is the CEO of Rawdev Technologies Ltd.

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Samuel Joseph D
Marketing Strategist

Samuel is a cryptocurrency and Blockchain consultant, the founder steamfuse. He is the Nigerian Ambassador for the third Largest Cryptocurrency (EOS) in the world by trading volume. Which trades over a billion dollars daily. He single handedly built a large community for EOS alone in Nigeria. He is also full of idea. . His drive for cryptocurrency /Blockchain education and adoption lead him to develop, where the people can exchange steem for naira.

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Bharat Petel

Bharat Petel Has vast experience in cryptocurrency/blockchain industry, He has experience in managing and moderating a large cryptocurrency community.He single handly built a community of over a thousand followers on telegram.

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Kelechi Benny
Backend Developer

Kelechi is an entrepreneur passionate about creating value within the technology space in South-Eastern Nigeria and the rest of Africa. He founded Tribe Nigeria - A thriving talent accelerator and software development company in order to solve one critical challenge - the inadequacy in the number of African talents who can solve African problems through the application of technology.

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Onoseme Mudiaga M.
Chief Graphic Designer

Onoseme Mudiaga M. is the CEO/Founder of RTconceptz, A graphics designing firm that has worked with top gospel artist and has worked with top ads agencies in Nigeria. He has several years of experience in Graphic Design, proficient in Corel draw, photoshop, illustrator, after effect, premier adobe pro, and lots more. He is the chief graphics designer of bitzamp platform and Bitsense Ads Network.

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Librada Esperansate
Community Manager

Librada Esperansate is very attentive to details and with lot of experiences in managing and moderating a large community. .

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Elochukwu Azubuike
Frontend Developer

A Frontend Developer and a blockchain developer. Former C.T.O of yelocode technology ltd. familiar with solidity, PHP. Skilled in Html, CSS, Javascript.He has worked with top software companies in porthacourt..

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Sandra Onyeiwu
Chief Editor at Bitzamp

Sandra Onyeiwu is a cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast. Prior to her joining bitsense as chief editor on bitzamp news media she has worked for several online media. Her passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency led her to join the bitsense team.

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Sylvester S. Goodluck
Community Manager/Promoter

Sylvester S. Goodluck is a cryptocurrency investor. He is one of bitsense early investor and also bitsense community manager..

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Promise Godspower
Lead Promoter

Promise Godspower is a professional network administrator,skilled development office and a cryptocurrency proponent with over two years of expert knowledge in blockchain technology with a primary focus in digital currencies. Having graduated from Jaipur National University India with B Sc in information technology and works with the government of Rivers state at the ministry of labour and Employment porthacourt Nigeria, He is passionate about the advancement of cryptocurrency and bitsense ecosystem.

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Olalekan Ayandele
Media Strategist

Olalekan Ayandele is a Blockchain Experts and Analyst, Cryptocurrency promoter, Technical Analyst and has rich work experiences in project marketing and Promotion. He provides Portfolio and Asset management to new cryptotraders. He is highly skilled in providing Crypto Community Development and Management Services..

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Henry Onyeiwu
Lead Content Creator

Henry Onyeiwu( AKA ProveOfLover) is the chief content creator in He has broader experience in cryptocurrency and is passionate about educating the masses about the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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Ezekiel Monday
Marketing Strategist

Ezekiel is a blockchain/cryptocurrency expert since 2015.He passion for Blockchain/cryptocurrency education lead him to form an ofline cryptocurrency learning centre(crypto Africana) where he teach people how to tap into the Blockchain technology. He is excited to join bitsense in advancing the cryptocurrency community through education.

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